Dylan J. Wolff

PhD Candidate in Computer Science at NUS

About Me

I’m originally from the US, but am currently pursuing my PhD at the National University of Singapore, advised by Abhik Roychoudhury. I am interested in leveraging static and dynamic program analysis (as well as verification) techniques to find and prevent bugs in software. More specifically, I’m excited about fuzzing and dynamic symbolic execution. Before starting my PhD, I did my masters at ETH Zurich. I also worked at Mathworks on a variety of projects, mostly involving testing and deployment infrastructure for web applications.

Fun Fact:

I’m a recovering ultimate frisbee addict. Over the course of roughly 12 years of competition, I played in two different semi-professional leagues and also won a world championship in 2013 with team USA in Toronto.

About This Site:

This website was created with a simple static site generator I wrote in Rust. You can see the code for it on my Github.